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Marion McCready ​

"You could say Marion McCready is a nature poet -

but if so, this is nature poetry as it's rarely seen, 

less nature as a palliative, more red-in-tooth-and-claw."

          Colin Waters, The Scotsman


"Scottish nationalist and feminist perspectives are refracted through a singular imagination drawn to the elemental... McCready is interested in the mysteries of birth and death, the mutability of matter, nature, myth, female experience and history as narrative of women's lives"

Ellen Cranitch, Poetry Review

"Madame Ecosse is breathtakingly brilliant. Marion McCready transforms the material of myth, nature and female experience to create poems of thrilling intensity. The method and impact of the poems remind me of Sylvia Plath. But the originality of McCready's vision, the distinctive lyric power of her voice, and the beauty and ferocity of her imagery, are totally her own."

Vicki Feaver


​​​​​"Marion McCready’s poems are offerings. Words fan out amongst the white space on the page and repetition of certain sounds provide touching lyricism."

Theresa Munoz, Scottish Review of Books​

​​​​​"McCready is so talented, and writes with such confidence and purpose...that one can only speculate on what achievements may lie ahead." 

John Killick, The North



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